Good Luck Horseshoe Earrings
Good Luck Horseshoe Earrings

Good Luck Horseshoe Earrings

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The beautiful Good Luck Horseshoe Earrings are one of a kind and the perfect gift for any horse lover! 

This beautiful earrings with their simple, yet elegant style, look amazing for an understated everyday look. If you love horses and everything equestrian, this earrings are a must. 

Horseshoe is one of the ancient and most widely encountered symbols worldwide - it is seen as both luck bringing and magically protective against evil and misfortune.

There is some debate over which way horseshoe should be oriented, and there are different traditions in every country, but here (as in the most of Europe) horseshoe is always used upside down, to "pour" good luck on its owners :)

This simple, yet elegant earrings makes the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

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